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12 ways to E-E-A-T

Welcome 380+ SaaS Founders, Tech Entrepreneurs, and  Marketers to the 71st edition of Write your SaaS Growth Newsletter:

In this edition, we discuss:

  • Cold Email: 1 client for every 50 cold emails

  • Email Marketing: SaaS Email Funnel to increase $10k MRR

  • Growth Marketing: 19 random marketing tips

  • Customer Retention: SaaS Flows with Customer Mind Map

  • SEO: 12 opportunities to add E-E-A-T

Let’s GO!

Cold Email 📈

Here’s a cold email that works:

Sveta says here’s the stats from my last cold email campaign:

  • Emails sent: 54

  • Open rate: 79.63%

  • Click rate: 5.56%

  • Conversion to sales: 1.85%

We get about 1 client for every 50 emails sent. In this example, we sent 54 emails and got 1 client. The thing I am most impressed with is the 80% open rate!

I spend a lot of time looking for highly qualified leads, which can take hours. But it is worth it if I only need to send 50 emails to get one client.

I’ve tweaked my cold email sequence a lot. I make a change pretty much every round of 50 emails I send. I’m currently running a 3 email sequence with this as the first email: maintaining 40% Search IS so we knew we could scale.

Here’s the email:

The alt image text

She gets tons of Twitter profile clicks and followers with this too!

Email Marketing 📈

SaaS Email Funnel to increase $10k MRR:

Jackson says most people build their SaaS email funnels all wrong. (And it's costing them big time) I'm here to fix that Here are the 5 essential steps to create a simple SaaS email funnel that actually converts:

Most have been there — crafting email funnels that just didn't deliver. Months of effort, yet no real results. It's beyond frustrating. So, I dove deep into the secrets of effective email marketing

  • Hours of researching customer behavior

  • Crafting targeted lead magnets

  • Building email sequences that resonate

  • Continuously optimizing for better results

Let’s get into it:

  1. Understand Your Customer To hit that sweet spot, you need to know your audience inside out. Where do you find this information?

    1. Social media insights (Reddit is OP for this)

    2. Community forum discussions

    3. Reviews of competitors

    4. Demographic data With this intel, create personas that reflect your real customers.

  2. Enticing Lead Magnets Offer something irresistible in exchange for emails. So many Saas' provide you with two options when you visit their landing page.

    1. Sign up

    2. Leave Only around 3% of your traffic will be ready to sign-up initially. You need something to attract and capture the other 97% that aren't ready to sign up at this moment. But not just anything. Your lead magnet must target specific customer personas. Think:

    3. Exclusive webinars

    4. Insightful ebooks

    5. Handy cheat sheets

    6. Revealing case studies

    7. Any other value that has to do with their main pain points

  3. Email Sequence Mastery Once they bite, it’s showtime. Craft 5-7 automated emails that:

    1. Establish trust (with case studies, testimonials)

    2. Create urgency (think limited-time offers)

    3. Spark desire (highlighting solution-focused features)

    4. Nurture them till they are actually ready to buy from you

  4. The Big Sell Now, introduce your offer. Make it:

    1. A direct answer to a key pain point

    2. An obvious bargain for its price

    3. Tailored to one of your customer personas

    4. Use your emails to guide them from the lead magnet to your paid offer.

  5. Never Stop Improving The magic is in the tweaking.

    1. Split test everything: emails, headlines, graphics.

    2. Analyze data to see what’s working.

    3. Keep refining for better performance.

Remember: Great email funnels are built over time, not overnight.

Crafting a profitable SaaS email funnel is all about understanding, attracting, engaging, selling, and refining.

Growth Marketing 📈

Random marketing tips.

Dan shares 19 random growth marketing tips:

  • Endorsement from an opinion leader in your niche worth 10 testimonials from users

  • Answering long-tail keywords on Reddit >>> Trying to do content marketing on Reddit

  • Solve the Conversion Rate problem before the User Acquisition problem

  • Every paragraph of your marketing copy should target both rational mind and emotions

  • Spark interest on social media, but sell in emails

  • You need to frame your value proposition differently for cold traffic (they see you for the first time) and warmed-up traffic (they read your newsletter)

  • Marketing funnels eat launch days for breakfast

  • To win in SEO, you either need backlinks or overlooked keywords (ideally, both)

  • Don't use superlatives ("the best") unless you are big enough to advertise on Times Square

  • Investing in the design of your product is actually an investment in your marketing

  • Don't limit your marketing to other people's opinions. Try everything and judge for yourself

  • Ads work even if you don't like them

  • You don't need tools and automation to start cold outreach. Just send 50 personalized emails and see what happens

  • Refunding one angry customer can save you from losing 10 customers due to one negative review online

  • Answering long-tail keywords on Reddit >>> Trying to do content marketing on Reddit

  • Even the best products can be ruined by the wrong monetization. Try one-time payments and limited-time passes (and not just subscriptions)

  • Side-project marketing is an underrated marketing strategy for introverts

  • Sharing your "why?" can outweigh the lack of social proof and features

  • You should have an upsell product for satisfied customers with money

  • Finding your marketing will take time. Shortcuts will only make it longer

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RePurpose is one app that repurposes your Twitter posts to video content on TikTok, Reels, and Shorts.

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Customer Retention 📈

Generated $1M+ ARR and created 215+ SaaS Email Flows ALL From Customer Journey Maps.

Roshan says Here's The 10-Step Process We Use To Created 20+ Email Flows For Our $10M+ ARR SaaS Clients:

So what is the customer journey map... It's A Detailed Step-By-Step Flowchart Of Every Action The Ideal User Takes, From Awareness To Being A Loyal Customer For 36 + Months.

The reason templates and copy paste systems will yield terrible results: Is because the entire premise of this system is built upon the customer journey.

With each email flow, campaign and in-app message designed to remove friction, At every possible point along this journey, helping the user progress to the next milestone.

This includes every stage from awareness to long-term loyalty:

  • Awareness Of Your Product

  • Lead-Magnet Sign-Up

  • Trial Sign-Up

  • Trial-To-Paid Conversion

  • Onboarding (For Paying Customers)

  • Retention

  • Upsells & Cross-sells

  • Churn Indication

  • Cancellation

  • Winback

It is crucial that every minute detail, and potential user action is carefully mapped out, In order to be able to design a holistic strategy that addresses every step. If we went into the specifics of every action we map out it would be 300+…

But Here's An Overview Of What The Big Picture Milestones Look Like::



12 ways to add E-E-A-T to your SaaS Page:

James asks are you missing any of these simple ways to demonstrate E-E-A-T?

Here are 12 opportunities:

  1. Make it clear who is behind the content on your site. I still see so many sites with blog or guide content that doesn’t show who the author is on the page.

  2. Assign content to real people and make sure that these people are subject matter experts. Stop publishing content attributed to ‘admin,’ http://sitename.com ’, or your marketing assistant.

  3. Create standalone author/bio pages. These should include a comprehensive bio that shares their experience and background, links to their social profiles and the content they’ve created.

  4. Make sure these pages are indexable. Often, I find that author bio pages have a noindex tag in place (accidentally).

  5. Mark your author pages up as a Profile Page (a WebPage type) with Schema structured data and use the mainEntity property to define the Person, adding as much information as makes sense.

  6. Include a short author bio on posts and link through to the main author page. Make it easy for readers to get a quick overview on who an author is.

  7. Add the author page URL, as well as their name, to Schema markup on content where a person is assigned and displayed as the author. This has been recommended by Google since 2021

  8. Use the insights of your experts throughout your site’s content. Including quotes and tips from these people (and third-party experts, if it makes sense to do so) can help to add real value to your content.

  9. Use your own images, video or even screenshots to demonstrate first-hand experience. I’m always surprised how many sites I see that are still using stock images that don’t add any value to content.

  10. Link out to cite your sources, backing up claims you make. You’d be surprised at how many sites I see that still don’t link out at all.

  11. Get your experts cited in the press, sharing their insights on their key areas of expertise. Leverage digital PR to proactively and reactively earn links and coverage that’s attributed to your brand and its experts on a regular basis.

  12. Improve your About Us page. These shouldn’t be an afterthought and are a real opportunity to demonstrate your areas of expertise, evidence of your authority (press features, awards, professional associations etc) and reasons why your business should be trusted.

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Thanks for reading! SaaSwrites is a humble attempt to help SaaS founders and marketers grow their SaaS.

See you next Saturday.


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