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#75 - SaaSwrites - Write your SaaS Growth 📈

Hey SaaS marketers! Here's #75 issue of SaaS writes. Every Saturday, I curate and create the weekly newsletter 'Write your SaaS Growth'. We discuss multiple organic growth tactics and strategies to grow your SaaS.

Welcome SaaS Founders, Tech Entrepreneurs, and  Marketers to the 75th edition of Write your SaaS Growth Newsletter:

In this edition, we discuss:

  • Ads

  • Cold Email

  • Content Marketing

  • Community

  • Copywriting

  • Email marketing

  • Growth Marketing

  • SEO

  • Social Media Marketing

Let’s GO!


Are you experimenting with growing your SaaS through ads? There is a lot of debate on when and how you should run your ads. I personally feel it should either be at an idea validation stage or at the scale stage. Not at the stage when you are looking to grow.

Cold Email

Sending a cold outreach to your prospect? Ultimate tip: don’t write a lot! Explain everything that your prospects need to know. It makes sense right? But no, the problem is that your prospects are busy.

Think about what small commitment you’re asking them to do, that it feels dumb not to do it. It could be short reply to your question or clicking a link. Help them make a yes/no decision and your outreach will succeed.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is HOT right now! Everyone seems to be looking to create, build, and distribute content. But you need to understand that content is a long game. It takes time. Patience. and sweat! But you can get there faster, you just need to quickly adopt the best practices and avoid making mistakes.


If you are building a product, you can easily build a community around it. It's usually the same set of people that use your product. You give these people a chance to connect and help each other too. But do not get overwhelmed with managing a community (yet!).

Here are some other ways you might already be building a community:


Do not complicate your writing. Your landing page. Or your cold outreach.

Be direct.

If you are not, people who are interested will become confused.

and leave.

Email Marketing

Tons of factors to help your emails get ROI. One of the rarely discussed is the from field. Who should be sending out the emails? Your brand or your company? Personally, as a founder building, a personal brand is great! SO your email surely needs that personal touch. But people might not know you (yet!). So having this template works for me: {name} from {SaaS tool}. What about you?

Growth Marketing

Growth is often an underrated term. It goes beyond mere customer acquisition, and includes tons of different things in the customer journey, from awareness to loyalty. It's a symphony of data-driven tactics, where A/B testing, SEO, and content marketing play pivotal roles, harmoniously blending to drive sustainable business growth.

But it gets easy and simple when you go back to the basics. And focus.

Know your audience -> Know where they are -> Know what you are good at -> Know how to deliver value to them

This thread will help you redefine your growth strategy!


SEO is a big effort! You need to create quality content plus optimize your pages! While you do that, here is another thing you can add. Including quality custom images. It seems easy to just pick up an image from the internet, but adding a custom enhances the quality of a page. This extra step will help!

Social Media Marketing

Twitter is amazing! I know founders that are growing MRR by sending #buildinpublic tweets! Just a reminder to restart your Twitter engagement if you are not already (and a small reminder for me too!). Plus the maker community on Twitter is awesome.

Behind the scenes

Thanks for reading! We have relaunched SaaSwrites 2 weeks ago and it’s a humble attempt to help SaaS founders and marketers grow their SaaS.

We curate and create a library of all marketing and growth channels to help you grow.

That’s it for this week!

See you next Saturday.

SaaSwrites Team

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