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#77 - SaaSwrites - Write your SaaS Growth 📈

Email Marketing, Growth Marketing, Sales, SEO and Social Media Marketing

Hello makers!

We are SaaSwrites, and every Saturday, we curate/create this weekly newsletter ‘Write your SaaS Growth’ by SaaSwrites - a Growth Marketing Hub.

We discuss curated growth tactics, strategies, and marketing channels in easy-to-digest nuggets to help grow your SaaS. Welcome to the edition #77 of Write Your SaaS Growth. In this edition, we discuss: Email Marketing, Growth Marketing, Sales, SEO and Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Tons of factors to help your emails get ROI. One of the rarely discussed is the from field. Who should be sending out the emails? Your brand or your company? Personally, as a founder building, a personal brand is great! SO your email surely needs that personal touch. But people might not know you (yet!). So having this template works for me: {name} from {SaaS tool}. What about you?

Growth Marketing

Growth is often an overrated term. It signals that there are tons of different things that need to be constantly performed. But it gets easy and simple when you go back to the basics. And focus.

Know your audience -> Know where they are -> Know what you are good at -> Know how to deliver value to them

This thread will help you redefine your growth strategy!


The best growth and marketing strategy is to sell. Selling today is mostly done behind the curtains (cold email outreach/content marketing/SEO), but closing B2B sales will need you to talk to your customers - face-to-face. As a founder, embrace selling. Embrace talking to your customers.


SEO is a big effort! You need to create quality content plus optimize your pages! While you do that, here is another thing you can add. Including quality custom images. It seems easy to just pick up an image from the internet, but adding a custom enhances the quality of a page. This extra step will help!

Social Media Marketing

Twitter is amazing! I know founders that are growing MRR by sending #buildinpublic tweets! Just a reminder to restart your Twitter engagement if you are not already (and a small reminder for me too!). Plus the maker community on Twitter is awesome.

That’s it for this week!

See you next Saturday.

The SaaSwrites Team

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